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Reasons you are struggling with sales

2 Big reasons you are struggling with sales

I know the reasons you are struggling with sales in 2021.

There are 2 major reasons for this:

  1. Are you doing the right business?
  2. Are you doing business in the right way?

Let me clear who is the target audience for this article. Anyone from any age group can benefit from it but I just want to narrow the audience who will get maximum benefits immediately.

If you are a Business Owner, an Entrepreneur, an Aspiring Entrepreneur, or a group of people thinking about a startup. You are the best people to reach this article and get an immediate effect on your business.

Let’s talk about the business first.

Everyone thinks their business is right but only the customers are wrong. They are not coming to you because they are purchasing from your competitors. You are selling the same product with a great offer and service. Even after that, they are not coming to you, they are stupid!

And even after seeing their stupidity, you are unable to attract clients into your business. You never made even one-third of your competitor’s sales.

Now the first question arises.

Are you doing the right business?”

I’m not going to answer it for you but I’ll tell you a way to find it out. Your business going to be profitable for you in the future or not?

Most people start a business because they want to earn money and somebody told them previously, A business is something which can earn you anything you want. These also became reasons you are struggling with sales.

These words made you become emotional and you started a business without knowing anything.

Do you know? There are a lot of things you need to plan before going into a business. I’m not discouraging, just telling you the truth. This is the only reason why most businesses fail. 

I started selling while I was in class 4th since then I’m the business. You read it right, I’m the business. I failed a lot of times, made a lot of mistakes, got cheated, broken by people and a lot of things happened. I never quit the journey and that’s why I’m here. Sharing my success with you.

business mistakes

What are the mistakes you are making in your business?

  • You never planned what your market would be like?
  • You never planned your investments?
  • You never planned your product?
  • Most importantly, you never planned your customers?

If all the things you started are unplanned they won’t take you to the destination. And on this basis, how can you predict your business’s future?

That’s why I raised the question: Are you doing the right business?

The right business is not something that makes money for you and your family. It is something that drives you all the way up to the sky without jet engines.

You forget yourself when you indulge in your business work, that kind of motivation needs to be there in your business. If it is not, then surely there is something missing.

It is not employees, not the culture, not the system, not even the money. The thing missing is You? You are doing business but looking somewhere else. You are setting business goals but finding paths somewhere else. You are making money but investing somewhere else.

You need to be present here, on the spot, in the business, every time. Your heartbeat should beat with the beats of your business. Your eyes should see the customers in the way it sees them. Then only you can be successful.

If this is not happening with you. Then definitely you are making yourself dead and you are doing the wrong business.

I know you, it is not your fault that you came into this business. Maybe you wanted to support your family, maybe you had only this choice. Maybe you were forced to do it.

But now, if you are reading this I hope you are out of your shackles and ready to choose your destiny. 

And I hope you already planned the things you have to execute by the end of this article. Another thing is also true that you spent a lot of resources, energy, and time to build your existing business. Isn’t it?

Now if you were right at the time of starting your business. Your business was right at the time of execution. What came in between which is affecting you and your business so much?

There is an element, a disturbing one which is pulling you back from being successful. To explore that more I have to ask you my second question.

Are you doing business in the right way?

As I explained before, you might have started your business because your friend suggested this idea to you. Or you just established the same business as your friend or neighbor. Because he was successful so you thought you also would be somehow.

A thousand reasons to start a business but there should be one reason to run it. The reason should be the burning desire that is going to impact others, not just you.

A few people approached me in the last couple of days. They want to learn the business I’m doing currently. Not only do they want to know but also want the same position where I’m standing today.

I just asked them a simple question, “ Do you know how this business works? And what are the key parameters to run it?”

They just moved the talk and came again to the same question. I replied in a simple way if you don’t know how to boil the rice, how can I tell you the fried rice recipe?


I gave them some fundamental sheets to go through and learn and understand the business and then come back to me. To know the secrets and I would be happier to share them.

It means people are running behind your money and your success. If you see your friend is growing you just start following him.

If you see your uncle is growing you just start copying him. Here you don’t have your own identity.

You are just copy-pasting things. It can work for some time but not in the long run. Do you agree or not?

I asked you: Are you doing business in the right way? I know it is a bit annoying. You might be thinking yes Mayank. If I’m not doing it, then who is taking care of my business.

Technically caring for a business and running a business is a very different approach. I remember a quote:

“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” – Warren Buffett

If you are attentive and doing the right things in the business with the full interest, you are unstoppable, (don’t forget to subscribe I’m writing an article on how to be unstoppable).

business loss reasons

Reasons to check, are you are doing business in the right way or not: 

  1. You have lost your interest in business?
  2. You are unable to focus on important areas of business.
  3. You are being too busy with low-priority tasks.
  4. You have lost your goals.
  5. You can’t see a vision in your business.
  6. Unable to generate profit in your business.

If above are the things that are happening with you. You have lost your taste in business and you need a mentor. If you want to get it back. Oh me! Yes, I’d love to help you, feel free to contact me.

Now if you don’t want a mentor, no problem you can read my eBook here. And you will definitely get a way to run your business out of it. It is a comprehensive, value-based ebook. Go give it a try, it’s FREE.


Now coming back to those points that I just listed, I just want to explain to you what they actually mean in your business.

1. You have lost your interest in business?

This is one of the biggest reasons you are struggling with sales. Interest is a lifetime asset that you make for a person, place, or thing. It breaks and decays when you find a change that is not happening as you expected.

In the business, loss of owner’s interest means loss of business. If you are unable to uplift your business by yourself, no employee can do it how much you pay them.

Find out the things, persons, activities that are stopping you from believing in your business and throw them out without a second thought.


2. You are unable to focus on important areas of business

Sometimes our own vision blinds us. You want to see the things as they are but your previous experiences and actions take you back from doing it. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and felt sorry for that. Sometimes even when I was right and the second person was wrong. I also said sorry, because it took me one minute to do this and the other person got the things he never expected.

That made me better, respectful in others’ eyes and I was able to focus on what is important to me. Just not focusing on fighting with that person daily and disturbing my mood. Problem solved in a minute!


3. You are being too busy with low priority tasks

Being busy looks productive nowadays. Even some of my colleagues who used to send mails to higher authorities for nothing considered better and more productive than me. While I was busy doing productive things. I hope you see my depth of work in my articles. Now doesn’t it look funny? Yeah! I thought the same. 

By this example, I just want to explain to you. If you are staring at your screen the whole day. It is not going to make you productive. Always Focus on those areas which are really high priority.


4. You have lost your goals

A man starts a venture by having a goal in his mind. It could be anything, from personal to communal or global. This means either you want to do something for yourself or your family or you want to serve your community.

You will lose your goal if you let someone decide it for you. You should be the writer of your own story. Others always share the modified information, not the actual.


5. You can’t see a vision in your business

Your vision is always dynamic. It changes according to your experiences. If you had bad experiences in your business it will pull you back. If you generated 100,000 bucks in an hour it is going to push you to the same thing again and again.

To make your vision wider you have to have an astronomical view. See your prospects, their problems with the bird’s eye view. And it will change the way you do business.


6. Unable to generate profit in your business

It is the most common thing, a lot of businesses get closed because of it. Why does it happen? People always think about their business from their own perspective. They never put their foot in their client’s shoes.

If you can’t do it you can’t make a proper solution. Without a proper solution, you can’t make money.

Hope you understand now.


Doing a business is not a single man thing. You have to believe in the right people and need to hire them to help you. Get people on board who have the same vision as you do. Take time to set all the things, set it perfectly. A perfect business can only deliver a perfect product and get perfect recognition.

Never block your vision with negativity. Never let anyone interfere in your mission. One day you will get all the success.

And when you get it, don’t forget to tell me. After your parents, I’ll be the second person to be happier to know about your success.

I hope you got the reasons you are struggling with sales. And this is going to help you and your business. Feel free to contact me!



Mayank Pandey

Mayank is a tech-savvy engineer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur with a passion for gadgets and innovation. He delves into technology to provide comprehensive insights, aiding your purchasing decisions.
In his spare time, he enjoys blogging, creating YouTube content, reading, and tinkering with electronics.

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