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Master Anything

How to Master Anything? (5 Easy Steps)

How to master anything? is an easy guide to take you to the next level of life.

Do you have something awesome inside and don’t know how to express it?

Do you hesitate when it comes to public speaking?

You don’t have any skill and people never take you seriously?

If Yes, then stick to the very end of this article. You would feel more confident, more valuable, and more versatile than ever. A person who is loved and respected by everyone.

Today, I am going to tell you the basics of mastery. A phenomenon that can change your life truly and dramatically. It won’t happen in a day but once you know the trick it would be super easy to implement.

Firstly let’s talk about mastery, a step towards master anything. Tell me you are feeling so excited to read it all the way down in a fraction of a minute. Go slow and steady. Let’s look at it.

What is Mastery?

“Mastery is being a leader in your Dominating skill that brings you more pleasure, joy, and value while doing it ”.

When I say Dominating it means you have a burning desire to change something within your niche with the help of your most practicing skill. A skill that you achieved by practicing more and more, from the days, weeks, and even years.

Now you are thinking about money? If you are not getting money why mastery? Am I right? Don’t worry you will get an idea in upcoming sections. How mastery brings you more money than you ever made.


Before getting the money you need to know the fundamentals of the Mastery or master anything.

Fundamentals of Mastery
  • Mastery begins with your personal life, you are good at something but you never recognized it.
  • It is the process of building a skill to a level where no one can compete with you, even yourself.
  • Only a clear vision of your mastery and continuous sharpening of your skill will lead you to become a master.
  • Mastery is not a one-day process it takes time to build and when it grows you will feel it in the real world.
  • Mastery is a way to see things in a different way than others seeing.
  • Only a perfect master is worshiped, not all.


You might be thinking, Mayank are you serious? You are just making it hard and hard by describing. But that’s not the case, hard work always brings sweet success.

And to clear your doubt here is the most important thing. Why should you master anything?

Why should you master?

Don’t you say that? You always want to be treated like a lazy, unattractive person. Who doesn’t even have a point to start a conversation while standing in a friend circle? If you know then read below why mastery is for you?

Starting with our school days. I know your school or class or year of schooling might be different. But the schooling system was the same.

We studied different subjects in a school class. Do you remember? Don’t say no otherwise I will ask you to eat some almonds daily. Haha

At that time you also attended a few tuitions or coachings? Different subjects with different teachers. Yeah! I also used to go to 3 different tutors for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

When you were studying, why were school classes not enough for you to study? Why are you given the extra time visiting tutors here and there from day to evening? (Oh, I know some of you might be a brilliant scholar, it is not for you maybe. Although I was never a scholar)

The answer is: “ You want specialized knowledge in these subjects and want to read them deeply to understand them. Which was not possible in your school classes because class periods were fixed.

When I wrote the term specialized, I got something to tell you about it. It is from a book called Think and Grow Rich.


There are two types of knowledge:

  1. General 
  2. Special

Both the knowledge are important, while general knowledge gives you information about everything around you.

Special knowledge makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you a master.

Hope your doubt is clear now. Why did you visit different tutors to teach you different subjects? Because they are masters in that particular subject and you were learning from their experience and from their skills. They might be told some short tricks to find the solutions to different problems. That they developed over time by practicing.

Have you seen the importance of mastery in the above few passages?

 Let me tell you one more practical example. I hope you are enjoying it. If you are feeling overwhelmed while reading, don’t worry, take a deep breath and start it again.

This example is about an accident:

You were going to meet a client, 60 kilometers from the home location. On the way, we met with an accident. An animal came in the way and a car collided with a tree. Now your eye and hand got injured.

What will you do?

Firstly, you will seek First Aid, and after you will find an eye specialist to check your eyes and tell you the condition.

Scratches on your hand can be treated either by self or by visiting a general doctor but I can not.


This is the importance of mastery.

Now when you know what mastery is all about. You are getting a question inside your mind.


Let’s take a deep look, what benefits come with your mastery?

Benefits of Mastery:
  1. Being a master sets you as an authority.
  2. Now when you master the skill, you will be treated like a boss of a particular community. You got a separate identity and introduction of your own.
  3. You are the Alpha of your skill community, your decisions are valued more than ever now
  4. The value of your time will become more important to others.
  5. Your skills can make a huge profit when you start helping others or start a venture.


And many other kinds of benefits will be yours. Don’t say you are not excited to achieve mastery now?


Yes? Good. Now I’m going to tell you, What should you master anything? Don’t worry, it is as simple as eating a bar of chocolate.


Let’s start;

Which Domain Should You Master?

I know it is a bit confusing for you to choose the perfect field to master anything at this point. Don’t worry, I have 2 basic steps to find your field.


  1. Do the work you love most
  2. Find your Niche and work upon it


  • Do the work you love most

Do you know sometimes you get lost in your workflow?

There are some tasks that you can do without any motivation (like cooking, singing, dancing, playing, etc.)?

There are some things in which you are always interested, no matter what the situation is (like teaching others, solving a puzzle, creating tricks, maps or games, anything else)?


Engaging in any of these or others according to your situation will lead to your mastery in the respective field. And you will be a person out of the crowd who is visible to others without searching much.


  • Find your Niche and work upon it

What is Niche? And what does it mean for mastery?


Following your natural inclinations and deep desires that stirs you from within – Robert Green


Niche is a micro part of your skill area where you are focused to work in one and only area.

Your niche could be anything from cooking food to writing blogs to design planes. Yes, I’m right.

You just need to identify yourself, actually what you want to achieve?

What were you doing in the past few years of your life?

What was the childhood inclination that never bored you?


Absolutely, if you are not clear at this point, you can ask your friends about it. Ask your parents, maybe they can help to find it.


And once you find your niche do start working upon it.


I’ve been blogging, making youtube videos, and doing affiliate articles about tech for a long time. A few days ago I sent a google form to my friends and family members to let them know what I was sharing with them. Is it really helping them out?

And what are the areas of expertise they see inside me?


After collecting and analyzing these answers I got the result. People look at me as a person who is good at blogging, suggesting gadgets, and explaining things in an easy way.

I hope you are also enjoying this article. That’s why you are here on this passage. 


It cleared a path for me to improve my skills and set mastery in this. You also need to do the same. Once you know what you are, what you want to do. It always leads to mastery anyhow. and That’s why I came up with this article to master anything.

master anything
How to start mastery?
Master anything:

Success comes to those who become success conscious -Napoleon Hill


The same can be applied to your mastery. Let’s break the ice.

Tell me what ideas or thoughts come to your mind while you are reading this post?

Don’t want to tell? Just write them down on paper. Yes, do it quickly.


Have you done it?


Now listen, these thoughts are a distraction. You can not stop them but you can direct them in another way.

And to do so you have to follow these 5 super easy rules to master anything:


  1. Don’t break the chain
  2. Just do it
  3. The sweet spot
  4. commitment 
  5. Finding a mentor


1. Don’t break the chain

People often get tired when they start something new. Maybe because they lost interest or motivation. 

In the way of mastering something, you have to defeat this demon who is always breaking your chains of success.


Always try to do something inflow. Have you ever started watching a movie or a web series and ended up finishing the whole season? I know it might happen with you every weekend if you are a working professional or on holidays if you are still a student.


This is called the Flow, State of flow in positive psychology also known as The Zone. People get so involved in an activity so much that they stop feeling their surroundings.


Let’s take the example of mine:

A few days back, while I was playing Call of Duty, I lost all my senses. I put some milk on the gas stove and started playing it. I thought I would play only one game but ended up playing 4 when I got the smell of a burning frying pan.


You have to have this kind of dedication while doing some work. It is not necessary that you do this work for a long day. No! Do it for a few hours a day, but daily and with perfect continuity.


2. Just do it:

Are you one of those who spend more time thinking? What they can do and what they can not?

If yes, then you need to change the lenses of the goggles you are wearing. Because if you don’t start you will never get an idea of what your failure point is and what you have to improve.

Screw it let’s do it – Richard Brandson


3. The sweet spot:

In this step, you have to challenge yourself on a daily basis to achieve big goals by doing a part of it.

Maybe you want to earn 1 lakh per month, if you put pressure on your mind for the whole 1 lakh you end up doing nothing for it.

But if you break this amount on a per-day basis, it means ₹3333.33 per day. You might be getting more positive results than making ₹1 Lakh in one transaction.


Our brain works in a very unconditional way, you may have seen this happening with you.

> If you started something and it was too easy, you will stop doing it.

> Or if you start something which is too difficult you will also stop that either.

That’s why you have to make firm decisions and push yourself every day for bigger goals.


4. Commitment:

Before starting college. You may have dreamed of having a big car or house or 10-12 servants, a lot of things. But after starting college it just remained the dream and you always kept sleeping to dream.


Before visiting a gym, people think they will become John Cena or Khali in just a month. After 2 days they start complaining about their muscle pain or back pain or blah blah.


It leads you to become a loser all the time. Whatever you start you have to achieve it with a definite goal setting. Keep sticking to it until you don’t achieve it.


Ex: Rome was not built in a day, it took many years.


5. Finding a mentor:

A mentor is a guide for you, to drive through your mastery journey and lead you to master anything. You can also treat me as your mentor, Ah! No no… I’m just kidding.

I also follow my mentor, and this blog is also suggested by him. You might see I have never written these many long articles but he is the man who inspired me to do it.


A mentor can be anyone and anything. It’s not limited to a human being. A book can be a mentor, a biography can be a mentor, a youtube channel can be a mentor.


A mentor is a name to show you the correct path in your journey to master anything. Always choose your mentor wisely.


Now when you know all the way down to the Mastery, and how to master anything, start it from today. I suggest starting from now on and promise yourself not to settle without achieving your goals.

I’m also pushing myself to achieve my goals and you should also do the same.


Don’t forget to comment below on which portion was the most exciting part for you. I will be waiting to see your output. I want you to master anything you want.

Also, comment on your top takeaways, I’ll consider myself lucky in helping you out.


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See you in the next post.

Stay safe, keep smiling!

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Mayank aka FrikiMayank

Mayank is a tech-savvy engineer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur with a passion for gadgets and innovation. He delves into technology to provide comprehensive insights, aiding your purchasing decisions.
In his spare time, he enjoys blogging, creating YouTube content, reading, and tinkering with electronics.

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