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Marketing is a game or a skill

Digital Marketing
1. Marketing is a game or a skill
2. Learn Digital Marketing with 30 Days Game Plan

I know, you may have these questions about my post.  I used to blog about Tech and now writing about marketing.

Don’t worry that’s an interesting story for the next blog post.

But Today’s topic is something special and out of the league. Isn’t it?

Don’t you ever think why you can’t sell? While your friend does it very easily.


You can’t even market yourself for a job while you’re a less experienced cousin getting more salary than you?

If you have these questions, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. I would like to read your thoughts and answer them.

What is marketing?

Let’s see what is marketing in the 1st place? Because many of us don’t know what is it? And what is it all about?

They got confused between marketing and sales. I was also confused, I’m an engineer guy and it was not my field to explore. And after joining DD’s internship I got to know the basic difference between these 2. Where I was confused till now.

And today I’ll explain to you the same in my own simple words.

“Marketing is a way of delivering your message about your product while creating a memory and impact in the consumer’s mind.”

Don’t you think it is true?

A dentist with toothpaste in an ad shows you the strongest teeth. He is just trying to route your mind with toothpaste’s benefits, value and why should you buy it? Isn’t it?

You communicate with your words neither with your actions nor using social media ads.

What is communication then?

In a sentence, if I explain the communication: “it is the way of expressing yourself to others“.

And to be a good marketer you should carry decent communication.

I’m not asking for a sophisticated English teacher, who is correcting sentences and finding correct verb forms.


That all is secondary, 1st you have to learn how to express yourself.

Your idea about your product or service.


If you are able to deliver your message successfully. You don’t need to focus on anything else.

And you are already a communication master.

The more simplified your message, the better it can be understood by consumers.

Now when you understand the basics of communication.

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of marketing:

Most think that marketing is a god-gifted thing that can’t be achieved by practicing.

But that is wrong.

If you follow the correct procedure you can also, be the best marketer.

Because Marketing is human psychology not any kind of God gift which can be owned by selected people.

You need to understand the below points to get a clear picture:

  • Marketing is science based on human psychology
  • Understand your customer and their problems
  • Delivery of the right solution to the right people at right time is the master key
  • Maintaining existing customers is more important than making new
  • Communicating with customers is primary, advertising, copywriting, sales come after.
  • Your product should be powerful not the marketing. If a product is robust then it will sell itself no matter how less it market e.g. iPhone

People generally create hype about their product or service. But when it comes to performance they are up to the mark as per their value.

Create value, don’t focus on money. Once you create a valuable product or service that starts helping. Others will believe in you and start investing!

Nowadays Digital marketing is becoming more popular than traditional marketing.

How am I saying that?

You can see, people are trying to reach people digitally more than traditionally.


And this is happening due to the introduction of 4G


Before the launch of Jio in India, there were huge problems related to the networking and the pocket data system.

But in today’s scenario, every 2nd person has access to data and can consume online content.

You can also consider the example of different online education companies like Byju’s or WhiteHatJr etc.

Which approach you digitally to become their customers.

After the lockdown, you may have seen a lot of ads. Which are targeting you to either get your contact by offering free content.


Offering content at a very low cost.

After all this targeting, you might fall for some of them! Don’t hesitate.

I also purchased a few courses by watching ads and getting into sales funnels.

But when it only comes to marketing.

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Is digital marketing better than traditional?

What do you say?

If you are into marketing, you may have different thoughts.

Let’s have a quick difference between these two:

  1. Traditional marketing always got a bigger audience, although 4G changed a lot of things everyone doesn’t shop online
  2. People from Tier 1 or Max Tier 2 cities only invest their money and time in online products and services while others prefer offline physical verified sources
  3. When it comes to cost per ad, traditional marketing becomes cheaper than the digital marketing
  4. As per online sources TV has a reach from 800M to 1 Billion, at a cheap rate it is the best way to advertise. And most big companies prefer it. Ex. Apple
  5. After TVs, radio got the 2nd biggest audience of 65% of the total population of India.
  6. And newspaper the best buddy of and snacks has an immense audience of 465 million

Now if I talk about the Digital market, it has a consumer base of ~100 million. These users are from mostly tier 1 cities, having credit cards, having proper data channels, phones, laptops, or desktops. And they can understand English and online terminology.

I know you started thinking. Why should you invest in Digital Marketing then? If these are the statistics.

Everything has its own pros and cons. While digital marketing is limited to a limited number of users.

It also contains most of the potential customers. Which can be reached by most of the digital mediums.

To achieve these consumers you have to follow a process.

The process of CATT

  • CATT stands for Content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction

Nothing is available for free. If you are still reading this blog, you are spending your valuable time on it.

Here I’m not asking you for money or a subscription but your time is gold for me.

So it’s all about my content if it wasn’t that good and informative. You might close the tab in between.

But you are continuously reading it till now. Which also confirms my content engagement.

You have to deliver quality content to engage your consumers. It should be free as well as valuable.

Now you have to gain the attention of your consumers by continuously engaging them with your quality content.

Long-term attention will lead your brand to gain trust, and this is the most important thing to take your consumers to the next level that is a transaction.

Don’t think twice to apply this CATT Funnel. Why?

If you don’t build trust, you won’t be able to convert them.

Suppose I offer a toothpaste worth ₹100 with a free brush and on other hand a toothpaste without any offers.

If the qualities are the same, everyone prefers the free brush pack. Not only because a brush is free. It is offering quality plus value.

And you will do the same by following the CATT process. And meanwhile, you can also build your email list at the same time.

That will help you build your community and consumer base.


At the time of paid advertising which is also a crucial part of digital marketing, you can easily target the filtered audience. And you will also get more consumers and users to serve you in the future.

It is a part of integrated digital marketing.

Most people think that building a social media base or email list or website subscribers alone is enough for making true customers

But that is not the truth if you don’t integrate all of these. You never can unleash the power of true digital marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing

In the middle, there is your content, which can be pitched to customers later.

By paid ads, you are getting user details for your email list. Social media and SEO also serve you the same and help content marketing.

Now the mixed output of all these will help you sell and convert the followers into potential customers.

I hope now you have a clear understanding of digital marketing and traditional marketing.

And you also know it is not a god’s gift, you can also be a good marketer or digital marketer.

“Marketing always depends upon you, how you treat your customers and how you value and convince them of your product.”

To be a lead magnet and marketing master. You need to be a good person with knowledge.

Because trust is the biggest factor in sales and marketing.

As per DigitalDeepak “People want to hear from people, not from the brands.”

A person can make good relations and can build trust directly while interacting with customers one to one.

While a brand is only an entity that is focused on itself.

As a master marketer, you can build your personal brand that will lead your sub-brands and startups to grow.

As followers are believing in you, they will also maintain the same trust in your brands.

To build your personal brand you can follow a concept that was told to me by my mentor.

The MassTrust Blueprint

The MassTrust model is all about setting you as the sole pilot of your plane while all the passengers are believing in you. Because of your knowledge, experience, and work.

A simple process can help you achieve trust, build your community and crack your potential customers.

To build all this, the following will help you:

  1. learn
  2. Work
  3. Blog
  4. Consult
  5. Mentor
  6. startup


  1. Learning is to develop a new interest and convert that into a skill. That now only helps you but also helps others to get their job done in an easy way. You need to be a problem solver not only a profit-making machine.
  2. Work and get experienced in your skill, so that you can build social proof and your work awareness all around.
  3. Blog: once you start building your skill, you can write about it and share your experience with people around you. That will lead you to build your followers as well as the email list. By blogging you are not only sharing the knowledge but also building a relationship between you and your followers.

Writing also slows down your brain process which makes your mind stable and gives clarity to your thoughts.

The more you write better you are able to read, speak and think.

  1. Consulting is the process that leads to work with others and grow them with your skills. “While consulting others make sure, you focus on their profits, not on your own.”

And this will make you more popular and build your community strong.

  1. Mentorship is all about guiding others who want to be like you. It is because of your experience and the work you have done previously.
  2. A startup should be the ultimate of your experience, now you understand your niche, your market, your customers, and their needs. Now you can build a company or agency to help others to grow as well as offer employment to people who have the same mindset as you.


Marketing is a skill. And skills can be developed over time by learning and practicing. Tight your belts and be ready to jump in.

Be unstoppable until you don’t achieve your goals.

Stand up and don’t stop until you achieve your goal – Swami Vivekanand said it right.


By applying all this, your success is sure. If applying same my mentor can become the No.1 Digital Marketer in India then you also can be a good marketer.

He was a civil engineer and developed a strong personality in Digital Marketing.

We are taught to focus and grasp the knowledge around us. As time is spent, you forgetting your abilities and you think you will not be successful if you try something new.

But that is now true.

Now at this moment decide your destiny and answer my questions given below.


  1. What do you want to be?
  2. How will you get this?

Post them on your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by tagging me (#FrikiMayank), and I’ll always push you towards your goals until you achieve them.

Meanwhile, I’m cooking more quality content to make you successful. Be here with me by subscribing to the newsletter.

And I will always be happy to help you throughout your journey.



Mayank 🙂

Mayank is a tech-savvy engineer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur with a passion for gadgets and innovation. He delves into technology to provide comprehensive insights, aiding your purchasing decisions.
In his spare time, he enjoys blogging, creating YouTube content, reading, and tinkering with electronics.

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