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how to make a perfect cold call

How to make a perfect cold call? (6 Easy Tips)

how to make a perfect cold call?

This is a highly asked question by businesses and salespeople. And if you are landed to this article. I’m damn sure at some point you are also struggling with the cold calls. Cold calling is not just limited to sales but also affects your marketing and lead generation goals.

Give me a big YES, if I’m right?

Yeah, I know. It is natural to be angry and not to talk with anybody. Even to those who are very near and dear to you.

But you are in the business or maybe a career of cold calling. Here you are playing a game like “Do Or Die” and in this game, you have to win anyhow.

If you lose you are also going to lose your career and reputation and if you win, you will get all those maximized.

Don’t mind but I’m here going to explain the cold calling by the vision of a business owner. If you are an employee, kindly read the sentences while putting yourself as an owner.

Why did I ask to be an owner? Because as an owner you are going to sell your company, your idea to make your customer happy. While as an employee you do it to please your boss and make a salary. Am I right here?

Now, your mind is set as an owner and you are thinking of growing your company in every possible way. 

I’m going to explain whatever I have learned from my cold calling experience while representing myself as an owner.

I need a favor from you. No, it’s not monetary. The points I’m going to share our most valuable. No doubt, I used them to crack clients.

If these make sense to you and feel valuable. Could you please share this article with your colleagues and friends? And write a short comment below on what you like the most?

It will encourage me to write more valuable content for you and at the same time, I’ll know where I need to improve. 

6 tips to make a perfect cold call

  • Treat it like a game
  • Act like a friend
  • Take your time and pause
  • Match the tone
  • Stand up now
  • Set your hands free

These do not just point to remember. You need to practice and master them. “The golden stick that you are going to craft with this information, is going to blind your customer with the magic of your voice.”

I’ll elaborate on each and every point like always so you don’t need to brainstorm. You are getting cooked and well-served food to finish.

Treat it like a game
how to make a perfect cold call

Now you might be thinking, I’m mad. Rather than telling you the technique to handle the customers on call, I’m asking you to play the game. You are not a kid anymore! Are you? Then why am I asking this to you?

There is a great reason behind it. Remember your childhood days. Have you ever been serious about anything around you? Probably not. Then why is it so serious now?

It is proven that you are going to do something and you take it more seriously than you should. Your success rate is going to decrease drastically. 

Here I’m taking my own example. If you never read about me. I’m an engineer by mind and degree but an innovator by heart.

In the whole engineering life of the 4 long years, I never read the textbooks, model papers, mock tests, or anything that was blocking my time to electronic experiments.

Even at exam times I go to sleep at 11 PM and used to wake up at 6 AM. No – no, not for reading. After waking up I used to take a fresh bath, go to mess to have breakfast, and after that take a 15 min nap and then start reading for the exam.

I saw my roommates in a deep fear when they used to wake up all night preparing for exams and I’m sleeping without worries.

You won’t believe but I never got a backlog, class attendance 90% with no homework attitude, and never focused on theory. In the final year of b.tech I secured the 1st division.

Even today I’m the only one from my college who started his own startup within the college days.

How did it happen? I took all this as my game. I never see my classmates as my competitors. I saw myself only as my competition and played it well.

Hope now you are clear with this point, lets move to the next step.

Act like a friend
6 tips to make a perfect cold call

I saw this often, whenever a salesperson tries to close a deal on the call. They start acting like they are just calling you for sales

And this is also something which makes you cheap in front of prospects. There is a way to have a conversation. I know you are not a pro at it. Maybe because you are just starting out your career in this field. Or you never know a guide like me, hehehe. I’m just joking.

But I’m very serious about the “talking to your prospects” part. Now if you don’t know how to deal with a client who is totally strange to you.

Firstly, take advantage of technology. You got the best companion called “Truecaller”, a mobile application. That will let you deliver the most personalized calls to your prospects.

Now you are able to address them with their names, which will be provided to you via true caller.

Now one you know the name,  Act friendly. Friendly means you have to talk to your prospect as your friend, not as a customer.

Like that friend who is very close to you and you can share anything with him freely. Now when you act like this. Your prospect comes to you to share his things.

This is the time when you can start your pitch and tell him about your product and services. At the same time don’t expect to make a transaction, make a relation, and add value. Transaction will happen automatically.

Now you have started the conversation but don’t know what would be the end and what pace you should follow. Then here is the next point.

Take your time and pause
how to make a perfect cold call

Have you noticed you were very fast at delivering your sales pitch? I know your pitch was great, your content was great and even your practice was great.

Even after all this, you were unable to close the client and came back empty-handed.

Now from the next time, do one thing. “Always try to match the pace with the prospect’s pace.”

If he is speaking slowly, just slow yourself down. If he is too fast, make yourself as fast as your prospect.

This way the prospect thinks you are the person who understands him in a better way.

Oh, you want to thank me for bringing this topic “how to make a perfect cold call?” We have just started the topic.

There are 3 more points, let me cover those and then you can thank me in the comments section below. I would love to see your feedback.

Now, back to the point, I told you about matching the pace with the client’s pace.

Now once you have done it, your next point comes here.

Match the tone

The pace is not the only thing you have to care about. You also need to care about the tone. Have you seen this, people are likely to talk to those who have the same tone as they have?

If you are talking to someone who has a low voice tone and you are talking to them in a high tone. They will get irritated with you.

In another scenario when you are slow and the customer you are dealing with is in a high tone. Your mood will be off, and you will start acting like a red angry bird. 

I’m damn sure you might have experienced this which has also happened to me many times.

When we are living in a strange city (I mean not in your native or home city) and you find a person who speaks your native language like you.

Or he just took the name of your city and mentioned some relatives. Your curiosity will start to know about this person’s background. You would like to know more about him, his house, maybe how or why he came here.

Because you were searching for a link towards your city and you found that in this man.

In the same way, to convey an idea. You should have the same tone as your client is carrying. It makes them comfortable with you and also makes you trustworthy.

Stand Up Now
making a perfect cold call

Why are you lying in bed? While doing the most important work. Which needs the most attention and the focus.

A lazy person only can make plans but never know how to execute them well. Do you agree with me? Say if I am wrong here?

People tend to be relaxed, sleepy, and bored while doing cold calling. Are you doing the same things?

Now if you really want to get something out of your cold calls. Do it with a passion. And to boost it with passion, you need the energy to have energy.

And that energy is never going to be boosted with this kind of attitude. To achieve a higher level of energy you “just need to stand up” and now talk.

No rocket science and no more brainstorming to do it. Yes, I’m telling you only the effective method. That is not just going to boost your energy, it is also going to increase the effectiveness of your communication.

You have boosted yourself to launch, now let’s see what is next in the list of “How to make a perfect cold call?”

Set your hands free
tips to make a perfect cold call

Making a call and holding your smartphone is not an easy thing to deal with. Even a 50 grams weight can de-frame your arm if you hold it for a longer time.

On the phone calls, you are holding a 200 to 300 grams brick continuously without resting your arms. Isn’t it going to irritate you? Isn’t it going to frustrate you?

Absolutely yes.

Your hand movements make it easy to explain your topic and reduce your nervousness. You may have seen this with leaders, motivation speakers, or others while they deliver a speech.

Now the question is, how to eliminate this problem?

The answer is so simple, you just need to “use handsfree earphones and microphone system”.

Yes, that’s it. Your problem is solved. If you can use a Bluetooth-type device that would be very great.

Because neither you have to think about to stuck into wires nor about managing them.

One more personal recommendation is to always use premium and best-quality headphones or earphones. As an engineer in the sound domain. I have tested 100s of earphones, headphones, and speakers.

Got to know why brands charge you more than similar local companies. Because a good brand always invests in its quality, research, and features.

While a local brand focuses on quantity, mass selling, and making profits.

Now you have got all the golden points that I used to close some of my deals and these are surely going to help you too. If you implement them in the right way.

Let’s go to the final verdict.

Final Verdict

I know it very well, you are not going to get success on the very first attempt. That’s why “practice makes you perfect in everything”.

Sometimes people are going to reject your offer, they are going to abuse you. Maybe they will block you forever. But you need to maintain yourself at that point.

You don’t know the person personally, to whom you are talking. Nor the prospect knows who is behind the call.

So if they reject you. Never feel down and anxious. You just rejected the imaginary side of you. You are still the same.

They are abusing your virtual part, they blocked just you virtually but not from their lives.

If you got rejected by someone at some point, don’t take it in a negative way. They just rejected the service you offered because they don’t need that.

Now once you have a better option to offer them, don’t hesitate to go to them again and again, and someday you are going to crack the deal.

“Some accept you, and some will reject. What happened, it’s the cold calling journey. Let’s try someone next.”

Hope you have learned something from this article.

If yes then my hard work is really paying off. If you want to learn more from me. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and you can always subscribe to my mailing list to receive amazing content like this.

Go and crack some cold calls and do let me know here once you get a client! I would be happier to know about it.

See you in the next value article.



Mayank Pandey

Mayank is a tech-savvy engineer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur with a passion for gadgets and innovation. He delves into technology to provide comprehensive insights, aiding your purchasing decisions.
In his spare time, he enjoys blogging, creating YouTube content, reading, and tinkering with electronics.

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