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Learn Digital Marketing with 30 Days Game Plan

Digital Marketing
1. Marketing is a game or a skill
2. Learn Digital Marketing with 30 Days Game Plan

Do you want to Learn Digital Marketing with a tested game plan?

Don’t to say, you are not struggling in life?

I know both the answers would be Yes, at some levels. Hopefully, things would be different but the solution would be almost the same. Money. Am I right?

I always saw in the industry, sales and salespeople come first rather than other employees.

Have you ever seen this?

Then why not join the league and be front in the row? And you can do it with Digital Marketing.

Because where traditional marketing limits digital Marketing comes into existence.

Let’s explore how you can become a digital marketer in 2021. Don’t worry I am starting it with very basic. I will guide you all around Digital Marketing not deeply but widely.

You can’t expect to learn about an evolving industry with just a single article. But don’t worry you are going to get updates from me regularly.

learn digital marketing
What is Digital Marketing?

Sometimes people get confused and sometimes other people confuse them about Digital Marketing.

In simple words, Digital marketing is a way but not limited to market your product or services via a digital medium. It includes digital awareness, brand positioning, people links, lead generation, and much more to deal with.

Often the majority of people who say they are digital marketers even don’t know “How to retarget their audience?” I got to know only one big player in digital marketing and he is also my guru, Mr. Deepak. He is just not a marketer although a value creator, which can be seen rarely.

Now when you understand the actual meaning and why Learn Digital Marketing, let’s move to another question.

Who can learn digital marketing?

Digital + Marketing = Digital Marketing.

Don’t laugh. I know you know it but just to recall it, I mentioned it.

Now give the answer to my question.

“Are you a working professional or a business owner or a freelancer?”  If you are still a student, put yourself under the freelancer.

Speak the answer?


Okay, reveal it?


Now read this line carefully and slowly with your chosen profession with the above list.

“I’m a ………..(say your name), and my marketing efforts started the day I became a ……….(say profession).”

Should I fill it and show it to you? how does it work? Okay, see here.

“I’m Mayank Pandey, and my marketing efforts started the day I started selling products and services.” 


Okay so if you are doing the marketing thing since you came into your profession then who can stop you?

A student is a marketer when (s)he shows his(er) A grade exam sheets, to become the class monitor.

A working professional becomes a marketer, the day he steps into the corporate world with a CV, asking for the job.

A business owner becomes a marketer the day he starts his business to sell and solve others’ problems.

Are you getting some clarity now?

Say YES, if you are getting inside your head.

You are marketing yourself from your birth in everything and if you were good at it. You just need to Digitize it.

And if you never applied it in your whole life, lived as a “Maa ka Laadla” who got everything before asking. You need to practice hard.

Hope you got where you are standing on the list.

Now it’s time to crack our next question. Are you ready to learn digital marketing?

How to learn digital marketing step by step?

Now you asked me a good question. Thank you.

To learn Digital Marketing you need to see the world from a bird’s eye. It shows you the real world with a third-person perspective. It is important to understand the market and how customers react to it.

The marketing strategy you are going to build and the amount of value you are going to deliver is the only thing that impacts your digital marketing career.

Now, once your view is clear and you are not counting on someone else’s eyes. You can start towards the journey.

First of all, digital marketing is a huge space like an ocean. One-third of the globe is water and you need to find the perfect soil to build your house.

As I said, the Digital Marketing field is so wide so here you need to find your true calling. Your niche.which really attracts you and you can build your career upon it in the upcoming future. Like if you take my example, I love writing content and creating influence.

In the same way, you need to find what are your strengths and your calling that you can count on.

Here I’m listing a few areas of Digital Marketing, maybe some areas can make your way easy.

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. Content Writing
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Google Ads
  5. Lead generation
  6. Sales
  7. Email Marketing and much more to explore.

For other ideas, you can always find Google’s help to find you a true calling. I know it might be difficult to find it. Because Google shows you the topics, not the interests.

But no problem with that, if you don’t know how to find it, you must read my ebook. I have explained, each and everything. How you can find a niche and master it with an easy step-by-step process.

Now if you find it. That’s great, now your journey is easier than other strugglers. But if you are unable to find it even after trying all the things? What will you do?

I always backed you, buddy, I have given you some topics and also gave you ideas that you can search on Google about more topics.

Now make a list of topics that look interesting to you. Maybe Sales, Email Marketing, Leads, and content, hehe I’m just listing some of my topics.

But you can also choose your interests. Now once your list is ready, start with any one of the listed topics.

Make a 30 days game plan that is never going to change in between and stick to it. Now you have to practice your area of interest.

If you choose SEO as your beginning topic then make a 30 days plan.

Your plan should be like as below as I’m mentioning:

Day 1: Make a list of resources and time to read/listen/watch them

Day 2: Implement the knowledge you learned on day 1

Day 3: choose another topic from the resources and consume it

Day 4: Execute Day 3 learnings

Day 5: Same follow



Day 30: Execute the master project

The day you execute your Master Project and get results. You are ready to move forward to work for others as a T-shape marketer.

Where you learn and experience all the areas of a particular field and then you go deep into one topic.

T Shaped marketing

When you are learning each and every part of Digital Marketing and going deep only in a selective topic. This approach is called T-shape marketing.

Let’s take an example:

In the above section, I have listed 7 topics related to Digital Marketing. Now if let’s say you chose Content Writing as your primary field.

Now learning about it and going deep be like:

Level 1: Content writing

Level 2: SEO writing

Level 3: Copywriting 

Level 4: Content Marketing

And so on.

So you selected a path and now you are going deep and deep to master it. And to serve your clients and prospects you have to be a master.

Don’t you know how to be a master? No worries, I wrote an eBook upon that and am going to give it to you for absolutely FREE.

Let’s talk a little about mastering your skills and area of practice.

Begin the Mastery

Mastering is nothing but dominating your most powerful skill that can’t be done or achieved by anyone else easily.

Being a Master you can leverage the things around you. You will be the most powerful tribe in your field. It is not going to stop there but a lot of positive things are going to be changed.

A master always attracts:

  1. Attention 
  2. Value
  3. Leadership
  4. Dominance
  5. Power
  6. Control

And a lot of things. If you want to dominate your niche market, then you need to be the master of your skills.

“Master Anything” is an eBook written by me. Which guides you to become a master of your industry in 5 proven steps.

Here is the Link for your success, go and grab it and hug your success hard.


Digital marketing does not come from birth, marketing can be depending upon your childhood atmosphere.

To be a digital marketer you have to have a knowledge of technology to progress and to deliver results to your clients.

So you can be a Digital Marketer, a successful one. But you need to make a perfect, executable game plan according to the above knowledge. You can always consider the steps given inside the eBook. They are going to solve your problems easily and turn them into opportunities.


In war, technology and wealth are no guarantee of victory. What matters is the will to win : John Smith

I can’t guarantee you anything, but if you work hard it will pay off.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

I’ll see you in the next value post.



Mayank Pandey

Mayank is a tech-savvy engineer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur with a passion for gadgets and innovation. He delves into technology to provide comprehensive insights, aiding your purchasing decisions.
In his spare time, he enjoys blogging, creating YouTube content, reading, and tinkering with electronics.

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