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Best Digital Blood Pressure Monitor India 2021

What is a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor?

When I say Blood Pressure Monitor. You may get an image of a doctor holding a dark green pump while pushing air into a mercury-filled machine. And this is an old method that is used to monitor your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Now with the advancement in technology, every doctor prefers a Digital BP Machine. As they don’t have to pay attention to each patient they are measuring to get perfect reading.

“If I tell you in simple words. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a battery-driven device. Which uses an air pump and pressure sensor to calculate your blood pressure. This information I collected by dissembling a device.”

Technology behind the products

Firstly, the cuff is inflated above the upper blood pressure, that is systolic blood pressure. At this pressure, the artery is whole closed, and no blood flows. Then pressure is gradually lowered by deflating the cuff. It causes turbulent flow in the closed artery.

Again, when deflated beyond the lower blood pressure, that is diastolic blood pressure, turbulence stops. Machine measures at what blood pressure point turbulence starts and stops.

And these are the readings for your upper and lower blood pressure.

How to measure Blood Pressure correctly?

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are not accurate as your mercury BP machines. Now the question is if the digital products are not accurate then why and How to use them perfectly?

The answer to your Why: Digital machines are versatile, portable, and beginner-friendly. It can be used by any age group because it offers easy to measure functionality. With the help of buttons and digital display, anyone can get results very easily. Some of the devices also have memory options that can store data of different users. This is why people prefer Digital BP Monitors in their homes.

Now here is the answer, How to use a blood pressure monitor correctly?

Digital BP Monitors are not very accurate, and hence you can’t rely on a single reading. For making your readings more accurate you have to consider “Average of at least 3 readings which are taken within minutes ofbreak” and by doing so you would be able to get the approximately exact value of your current blood pressure.


Another question, What are the best Digital Blood Pressure Monitors to use?

Here are my top picks:

1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Blood Pressure Monitor India 2021
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2. Dr. Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

blood pressure monitor
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3. Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital BP Monitor

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Final verdict

I hope you have checked all the above-listed models and made a mind for buying one. These are the best BP Machines and some of them tested by me physically. The priority of the number shows, the selection level for the device. No.1 is More perfect and users have given great feedback whereas no.3 has less priority.

If you still confused about buying, feel free to contact me on Facebook.

Enjoy the day!


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